Snow removal tags


Tags formats

  • Our snow tags are made of recyclable coroplast .004.
  • The dimensions are 4’’ (10.2 cm) wide by 48’’ (1.22 m) high and 60’’ (1.52 M) for snowy regions.
  • The assembly is completed by shoe weatherproof stitching.
  • We also provide on request vinyl reflective strips 1’’ x 3675’’ affixed to the top of the snow tags for better tracking in the evening.


Available Coroplasts Colors

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Forest Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Beige
  • Orange
  • Red*

* Note: The color red tends to be orange due to the sun’s rays.

Snow Tags Advantages

  • Visibility, recyclable, long life, easy installation, aesthetic,
  • You can more easily identify the terrain under the snow. See Gravel, paved Emirates, curbs cement etc..
  • With good visibility, you can more quickly identify the locations to clear snow and do not forget some clients.
  • With a fiberglass rod you will not break your equipment, municipal equipment or your customers vehicles.
  • Considering the loss of timber tags around 25% per year and the plastic tags of 3%, the benefits of our tags are hollowing out.
  • In some municipalities the regulation does not allow advertising.
  • We have developed a tag that can meet the regulations. The following tags are almost similar beacons to Bell Canada, Hydro Quebec and Gaz.
  • Our tags are intended principally to protect the property of your customers, protect your equipment and municipal facilities and facilitate the work of your employees.

Note on municipal regulations

Some municipalities prohibit advertising in residential areas. A good way to meet the regulations while using the tags for the safety of your employees, your customers and identify the topography that you cannot see under the snow, is to install custom tags with symbols and write (PROPERTY OF: YOUR NAME AND PHONE) at the top tags. The rest can be decorated with diagonal bar or colored arrows allowing you for quick identification.

In addition we produce signs to identify restrictions by your customers.

  • Coroplast band indicating a cement turff. Dimension 2”x 10”
  • Opportunity to apply reflective vinyl with registration; STONES, PAVING, ETC.
  • These signs will save you time, take care of your image, dramatically reduce accidents and claims and destroy fewer trees.
  • Faster installation, safer, more aesthetic and use for many years.