Tag with concrete anchor

See the videos here

We have developed a system of tag with concrete anchor for the commercial, municipal services and public transport. The anchoring system was successfully tested in 2012 by two entrepreneurs for the AMT and the commercial.

This system anchors for concrete curb is easy to install by your own employees in just one to two minutes.

It is available with rods 3/8” or” ½. The fiberglass rods are yellow.

Install during fall and remove when spring arrives, anchors are permanent.

We provide the necessary hardware for installation.

Available for tracking railway culvert in the far north.

Roads 3/8’’x60’’  50+ at $5.69 each.

Hardware $14.80

Roads ½’’x 72’’ 50+ at $9.43 each.

Hardware $19.95

The hardware consists of: Bit concrete anchor punch, allen key.

Hammer drill battery required not included.
We recommend that you order early.
For more information, contact André Prévost 514-772-2630 or info@entreneige.com